Since we announced our plans lớn publish League of Legends & Teamfight Tactics in Southeast Asia and Taiwan after a decade-long partnership with Garena, the response from players has been incredible! With Southeast Asia (SEA) servers launching on January 6, 2023, we want lớn make your tài khoản migration khổng lồ Riot both smooth và a ton of fun. So we’re holding a month-long, prize-filled, server-warming buổi tiệc ngọt for players in Southeast Asia.

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Welcome event Kicks Off January 13

We can think of no better way to lớn welcome you to Riot than with a tiệc ngọt overflowing with prizes. Just log in and play in January to earn a few different kinds of Tokens, which can be exchanged for không tính phí permanent skin shards, legendary eggs, and even Ultimate skins! The welcome event will run for one month, so don’t forget khổng lồ log in khổng lồ join the festivities. We want khổng lồ make sure you start off on the right foot, which is why we're also making it possible for you to…

Unlock Tons of Champions

In honor of League's original launch, SEA players will be able to unlock all champions released from 2009–2021 for không tính phí just by completing in-game missions! We know you have a lot of lost time to cosplay for, so build your roster at warp speed with this special Southeast Asia-only offer.

New Ranked Season

New year means new Riot Lo
L/TFT servers and a new ranked climb! This year we're waiting until after the official vps switch khổng lồ get the ranked season started. While we want it to be as easy as possible to links your Garena League Account, it's even more important that all players get a fair start on the ladder. That's why we're starting the ranked season several days after January 6th. Kiểm tra our social channels khổng lồ stay on top of all the latest ranked news!

Lunar New Year Event

Official Riot servers means getting included in all of our global events, starting with the Lunar New Year sự kiện on January 13th! Usher in a new year with fresh skin lines, quality events, and no shortage of festive cheer.

Offline Events: INCOMING

Providing in-game goodies is one thing, but we want lớn meet you where you are! That's why we're looking khổng lồ set up offices in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, & Malaysia, while also working with local partners in Taiwan và Vietnam. As always, you can follow our social channels khổng lồ be among the first to lớn learn more.

All-New Esports Tournament

With Worlds 22 fading away in our rearview mirror, it's time lớn celebrate SEA's future pros with a special tournament! We're still working out the details, but you can rest assured that the new SEA ranked season will start off with a BANG!

How Can I Get Ready for All of This?!

Whether you were on the fence about migrating or just running a little late to the party, we're ready lớn welcome you to the new Riot League Servers at any time! Just check out our account Migration Microsite for everything you need khổng lồ know about preserving your Garena League data or preparing a fresh Riot League trương mục for the journey!

It’s official. Riot Games has taken back League of Legends & Teamfight Tactics from Garena, the trò chơi company they originally gave publishing rights khổng lồ back in 2010.

Previously, the only way players in Southeast Asia could access the client and play these two games was through the Garena phầm mềm on PC.

Riot is self-publishing these two titles in their multi-game client starting January 6, 2023, which already offers Legends of Runeterra và Valorant.

The trò chơi developer told ONE Esports in an exclusive interview that it will be using new servers located in the same locations to tư vấn both games, namely Singapore (which accommodates players in Singapore, Malaysia, và Indonesia), Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. This also means that the way these gaming communities interact will remain the same.

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New servers in Southeast Asia, but League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics player base won’t change — at least for now

Credit: Riot Games

Riot Games’ first FPS title, Valorant, was released in 2020 and gave players the option lớn choose which hệ thống they wanted to play on within the region. In Southeast Asia, for example, we have the option to connect to lớn Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, và Tokyo servers. The client will reflect your ping in relation to the server, so players are aware of what they’re getting into.

All FPS games have to giảm giá with the problem of peeker’s advantage. Riot defines it as “the times when an enemy player comes around the corner và appears khổng lồ be running và gunning while still being accurate.” It is also made worse when someone with higher ping peeks a player with a lower ping.

But peeker’s advantage doesn’t exist in MOBAs. Having a higher ping automatically puts you at a disadvantage, for there will be a lag time between pressing the spell, having it register on the server, & finally, appearing in-game.

Riot Games will not be giving League of Legends players in Southeast Asia — and therefore TFT (even though ping doesn’t impact it as much) — the option lớn choose servers within the region.

“To comply with the ping expectations and proximity, there will not be one vps serving everybody, there will be several servers,” Alex Kraynov, Managing Director APAC, Riot Games, told ONE Esports. “We want khổng lồ match the experience players have with Garena. Our best expectations và intent is that we provide servers that have parity with other regions of Riot.”

Credit: Riot Games

Players should also note that once you’ve migrated your trương mục to Southeast Asia, it will be region-locked, said Riot, which means you won’t have access khổng lồ NA, or EU, for example.

By bringing all these games under one roof, they hope khổng lồ create a more holistic player experience within their ecosystem, & run more in-game events across titles, like what they did with Arcane, Sentinels of Light, và the Ruined King.

The tài khoản linking process started on November 18, 2022. The full step-by-step account migration tutorial and FAQ can be found on Riot’s official trương mục Migration Microsite here.