Once upon a time in Hollywood, two stars on the rise made a movie with their pals — then fiercely fought for decades to keep it from seeing the light of day.

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Those actors, now worldwide superstars, were Leonardo Di
Caprio and Tobey Maguire. Và the flick is “Don’s Plum” — an ad-libbed, mid-1990s indie film that’s been banned from ever being shown in the US & Canada.

“ ‘Don’s Plum’ was a group of friends saying, ‘Let’s all make a movie …,’ ” one of the flick’s producers, Dale Wheatley, recently told The Post. “In many ways, was a love letter to our friends.”

Though rumors and articles have circulated about “Don’s Plum” over the years, court documents, footage of depositions from the actors, images and other materials exclusively obtained by The Post tell the full story of the movie Di
Caprio and Maguire never want you khổng lồ see.

Shot over six days between July ‘95 & March ‘96 in “Clerks”-like black-and-white style, it tells the story of a group of 20-something guys who gather every Saturday night at a Los Angeles diner the film is named for, each with a new girl.

In it, Di
Caprio plays rude, standoffish Derek, whose standout lines are: “Do you girls masturbate at all?” và “I’ll f–king throw a bottle at your face, you goddamn whore.” He does then throw a glass — at Amber Benson of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fame — in a cringe-inducing scene meant to scare the actress away from the set.

Maguire’s character, Ian, meanwhile, in one scene — which was cut from the final version of the film at his behest — reveals his unusual masturbation habits.

The characters the stars portray are “not necessarily who Caprio & Maguire> are,” said Tawd Beckman, one of the producers.

“But of course it is so free-flowing and it seems so natural, that an audience is gonna look at that, look at Di
Caprio, look at Maguire and say, ‘Oh, that’s who they are.’ ”

Leonardo Di
Caprio (top left), Tobey Maguire (bottom right)Everett Collection

It’s for that reason that Wheatley, Beckman and others suspect Di
Caprio và Maguire didn’t want US audiences to lớn ever see their characters on the big screen.

In depositions given as part of a 1998 lawsuit — which resulted in the film being banned in the country — Di
Caprio & Maguire said it was because they never meant for the film school-like project khổng lồ become a full-length feature.

In the aftermath, Di
Caprio moved on to unimaginable fame & star-studded projects, & Maguire got his big break as “Spider-Man.”

But the others involved, lượt thích Wheatley, had to lớn live with the fallout: ruined careers, destroyed friendships, divorce and thoughts of suicide.


In the “Don’s Plum” days, Di
Caprio was fresh off his Academy Award nomination for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” Meanwhile, Maguire was trying khổng lồ build himself as a marketable performer in Hollywood, having just made waves in “This Boy’s Life.”

At the time, they had a growing reputation as obnoxious, skirt-chasing các buổi party boys — part of the so-called “Pussy Posse,” a moniker bestowed on the group by Nancy Jo Sales in her seminal 1998 thủ đô new york Magazine piece, “Leo Prince of The City.”

“The group’s vi xử lý core members constitute a frat house of young men, some of whom are actually famous, like Leo …,” Sales wrote. “And then there are the other guys in Leo’s pack, who make up a kind of former-child-actor brigade.”

“Don’s Plum” makes a cameo in the article, with Sales writing that it “may provide an inadvertent glimpse behind the curtain shrouding the secret society of Leo & his friends, mostly because it was made & largely ad-libbed by Leo và his friends.”

The Curse of Don’s Plum: Episode 2

Just weeks into moving khổng lồ Los Angeles, wide-eyed Canada transplant Wheatley says, he fell in with the Posse — including Di
Caprio, Maguire, Kevin Connolly & R.D. Robb — after an introduction from Jeremy Sisto of “Clueless” fame.

Wheatley was starstruck the moment he laid eyes on Di
Caprio — và had his own aspirations of making it big.

“I was obsessed with success …,” Wheatley said. “I didn’t come to LA khổng lồ stare up at the Hollywood sign, I wanted lớn make something of myself.”

An advantage of hanging with Di
Caprio’s crew was that “there wasn’t a club I couldn’t get into, there wasn’t a famous person that didn’t want khổng lồ meet us,” Wheatley said.

‘We believed we were making a film with our friends and foolishly didn’t pay attention to lớn paperwork.’

“We were really in one of the most-watched circles in Hollywood at the time.”

Wheatley collaborated with aspiring filmmakers David Stutman & Beckman on the project that eventually became “Don’s Plum.”

Caprio was in.

“Having that guy in your corner obviously means that the rest are probably going to lớn follow him,” Wheatley said. “That’s exactly what happened. Everybody got excited about the experiment.”

Former child actor Robb, who appeared in 1983’s “A Christmas Story,” was tapped to lớn direct. Later, as Sales would lưu ý for NY Mag, he was “‘expelled’ from the , according lớn someone still inside it, for attempting khổng lồ spin the film’s straw into the Leo gold of a commercial release.” Robb didn’t respond khổng lồ multiple requests for comment.

Meanwhile, Stutman went lớn Beckman’s dad, Jerry Beckman — who helped to lớn create the Happy Meal và Monopoly — for about $70,000 in funding.

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When it came lớn contracts, the naive first-time filmmakers went with handshake deals.

“We believed we were making a film with our friends và foolishly didn’t pay attention lớn paperwork,” Wheatley said. “‘Don’s Plum’ was on the road to failing because of our inexperience and our lack of prep.”

To take the project lớn the next level, the amateurs brought on two experienced producers, John Schindler và Gary Lowe.

As the group filmed in the LA diner, Wheatley said, he was amazed at the “improvs that were coming out.”

R.D. Robb (left) & Amy Israel of Paramount during the 78th Annual Academy Awards

On Di
Caprio’s last day on set, “we’re outside by the car & I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude,” Wheatley said.

“I just can’t believe what he has done for us. And I’m expressing that … và I give him this really big hug …,” Wheatley recalled. “And then he just says, ‘Just make me look good.’ God damn it. You know he’s like, ‘Just make me look good.’ & it was lượt thích something happened for me, in terms of lượt thích a responsibility, not khổng lồ him alone.”

After his two days of filming on “Don’s Plum,” Di
Caprio flew off khổng lồ work on 1996’s “Marvin’s Room” with Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro.

With an additional shoot, which Di
Caprio wasn’t involved in, the team had about 30 hours of actual film & Wheatley was fired up about having done what he believed was nearly impossible — a feature on his first try.

“Nobody expected that we could pull off the kind of movie that deserves a full-on theatrical release, a big festival run …,” he said. “We pulled it off, & you know, we finally got there.”

Beckman added that, especially for Robb và Stutman, “There was this idea that we’re going khổng lồ make millions of dollars from this film.”

“And everybody’s going khổng lồ be big, all of the careers are going to xuất hiện up for us … as opposed to getting our foot in the door, they were like, ‘This is our path to kick it down.’ ”

Leonardo Di
Caprio kicked off his diverse career when he was a kid, first appearing in a couple of TV series and features before What"s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Basketball Diaries, Romeo + Juliet, and, of course, Titanic, catapulted him onto the A-list, making the young actor one of the biggest movie stars in the world. Since then, Di
Caprio has been a household name, stacking up his cinematic roles, nominations, & awards, even finally winning his first Oscar for Best Actor in 2015"s The Revenant.

Tobey Maguire"s career began in a similar fashion, starting young in the child acting scene, though his professional life didn"t quite take off the way Di
Caprio"s did after they both appeared in 1993"s This Boy"s Life when they were teenagers. Maguire, best known for playing Peter Parker in Sam Raimi"s Spider-Man trilogy that kicked off in 2002, has a handful of acclaimed movies under his belt. In 2010, Maguire earned a Golden Globe nomination as Best Actor for his performance in the drama Brothers and only did a few more projects after that before seemingly stepping away from the acting world lớn focus on producing. 

Caprio and Maguire could have easily ended up as Hollywood rivals, as they were constantly going after the same roles ever since they were kids. Instead, the two formed a quick bond nearly 30 years ago và never looked back, even during times of controversy. This is the truth about Leonardo Di
Caprio và Tobey Maguire"s relationship.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images
The actors have been friends for over three decades, dating back to lớn when the up-and-coming stars were not even teenagers yet. According khổng lồ a profile Di
Caprio did with Esquire in their May 2013 issue, the ease of the two becoming best friends had a lot to vày with the fact that they had so much in common. Di
Caprio và Maguire were both raised in Los Angeles by single mothers, for example, and were both navigating the LA world of child acting in a competitive Hollywood environment. 

According khổng lồ Esquire, Di
Caprio sought out a friendship with Maguire when the two stars were only 12 years old. The actor was apparently heading home from school when he spotted Maguire filming a TV show in Los Angeles, recognizing the other boy from auditions for other projects. Di
Caprio told Esquire that he "literally jumped out of the car" after telling his mother to lớn stop, and excitedly began yelling "Tobey! Tobey!" to grab Maguire"s attention, sparking the beginning of a real friendship. 

Maguire told Esquire that Di
Caprio"s sense of purpose is what makes him successful personally và professionally, saying, "You don"t become as successful as Leo if you don"t know how to get what you want," even friends. Di
Caprio shared that when he wants someone to be his friend, "I just make them my friend," & the rest is history.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images
According to Complex, Di
Caprio"s infamous group began with Leonardo Di
Caprio, Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connolly, và Lukas Haas. They were known to chase girls, phối off stink bombs at Sky Bar, sneak into Victoria"s Secret events, & make last-minute trips lớn Vegas if they weren"t working or partying in Hollywood. It didn"t take long for people in the industry khổng lồ give the group a nickname, referring khổng lồ the guys as the P***y Posse.

The group was apparently formed by Di
Caprio as a way khổng lồ protect himself from certain people, though, according to Complex. In 1996, Di
Caprio told Detour that he "can"t stand bad***es" & prefers having "sweet people around." The group, which, according to Pop
, has included other celebrities such as Jay R. Ferguson, David Blaine, Jonah Hill, & Orlando Bloom, and, over the years, has also served as a crew of young actors building friendships and a solid tư vấn system. An anonymous source told New York Magazine that some of the actors in the group "have completely lost their careers," so "all they do now is hang out with Leo." Between the VIP treatment & lifelong friendships, that doesn"t sound like a bad gig. 

The Posse has also been known khổng lồ get into trouble over the years. According khổng lồ NY Mag, Di
Caprio & Ferguson allegedly assaulted actor Roger Wilson on one occasion, for example, and a young Di
Caprio was reportedly spotted once throwing litter onto cars off of the Brooklyn Promenade. 

Controversy only makes the heart grow fonder, right? Over đôi mươi years ago, Di
Caprio và Maguire collaborated with a handful of friends lớn make a black-and-white movie titled Don"s Plum. According khổng lồ Vanity Fair, it"s the one movie both actors never want their American fans to lớn see. Don"s Plum was filmed in the summer of 1995 và part of 1996, over six total days, featuring Kevin Connolly và Scott Bloom alongside the best friends, as well as Amber Benson, Heather Mc
Comb, Meadow Sisto, và Jenny Lewis. One of the movie"s producers, Dale Wheatley, told the New York Post that Di
Caprio became "immediately apprehensive" when they found out the ad-libbed short was being turned into an indie feature. According to lớn the NYP, the movie was ultimately banned from the U.S. After the duo counter-sued the creators in 1998.

Wheatley violated the 1999 settlement after posting the movie on the internet in năm trước where it stayed for 16 months. According to the NYP, Wheatley accused Di
Caprio and Maguire of being the "bully posse," calling them "terribly intimidating with their power & their influence." Wheatley also alleged that the lawsuit had less to vì with the movie"s subject matter or the film"s length, and more to bởi with Maguire "feeling that Leo had outshined him." A spokesperson for Di
Caprio reached out khổng lồ the New York Post stating that Wheatley"s comments are "decades-old lies" fabricated "in an effort lớn gain publicity và unlawful financial gain."

Valery Hache/Getty Images
Being best friends for 30 years comes with its perks, and when you"re both movie stars, this includes getting khổng lồ collaborate on cinematic projects. Setting aside the controversial indie film that the duo treats like Voldemort"s name, the first big movie the actors starred in together was 2013"s The Great Gatsby adaptation. 

According khổng lồ an interview with The Associated Press (via The Oklahoman), the stars had wanted khổng lồ work together for a long time, but it didn"t feel right until The Great Gatsby came along. Writer & director Baz Luhrmann remarked that Di
Caprio và Maguire have "a true partnership," which meant the duo was determined lớn be "brutally honest with one another" as they collaborated on the movie together. Di
Caprio told the outlet that he và Maguire would constantly ask each other how they felt about a scene, carrying out their "very own distinct private conversations about everything." 

According khổng lồ that same interview with The Associated Press, Maguire said he and Di
Caprio have maintained a healthy balance between the movie industry & their friendship, including seemingly endless tư vấn for each other"s work. For example, Di
Caprio apparently had a các buổi party to celebrate Maguire"s stellar performance in the 2009 drama Brothers, which also starred Jake Gyllenhaal. Di
Caprio told the outlet that having "similar upbringings" and "humble beginnings" while being so enthusiastic và ambitious drew them closer together and only made their work life stronger.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images
You know you"re tight with your best friend when you over up as neighbors. According khổng lồ an interview with The Associated Press (via The Oklahoman), Maguire and Di
Caprio used khổng lồ live next door khổng lồ each other. The fun fact was revealed when Maguire was discussing how his pal contacted him in order to discuss The Great Gatsby, và Maguire said thanks lớn their respective homes" close proximity, "it wasn"t a far journey," telling Di
Caprio he could "be over in 30 seconds." According lớn Sheltr Group, Di
Caprio & Maguire used to lớn live in The Bird Streets in Los Angeles, described as "luxury living for the young & wealthy." 

Living in close proximity seems to lớn have strengthened an already solid bond as the duo not only worked closely together khổng lồ make The Great Gatsby the project they had envisioned, but in having each other"s backs in all walks of Hollywood life. According lớn that same interview with The Associated Press, the duo knows they can rely on each other when they need advice, including chats about every movie they do. "Every single choice I"ve made, I"ve talked lớn Tobey about & vice versa," shared Di
Caprio. "We"ve had endless conversations about certain projects and argued with one another và supported one another along the way."

According lớn Vanity Fair, the two friends love partying it up on expensive yachts. For instance, the publication reported in năm nhâm thìn that the duo traveled khổng lồ Ibiza, Spain along with a few other friends after attending a fundraising sự kiện for the Leonardo Di
Caprio Foundation. Vanity Fair also claimed that, at the time, a grainy photo from a long-lens camera had been shared online, capturing the friends enjoying the view of the vista. The truyền thông outlet noted that Di
Caprio và Maguire are known lớn travel together, and as history repeats, their yacht parties seem to lớn be a tradition following Di
Caprio"s fundraising events for his environmental foundation. 

The following year, People reported that Di
Caprio và Maguire, again with a group of friends, had been spotted partying on a luxury yacht called the Impromptu in the south of France off the coast of St. Tropez. The trip was apparently a celebration after another successful night for the Leonardo Di
Caprio Foundation"s fundraising charity event in the area. According to Vanity Fair, swimsuit mã sản phẩm Nina Agdal had been among the group of friends during the previous yacht trip và had been rumored lớn be dating Di
Caprio. According to People, the 2017 yacht tiệc ngọt was sans Agdal after the two apparently split up after dating for a year, reportedly resulting in Di
Caprio spending more time with friends like Maguire following the breakup.

Caprio & Maguire have seemingly never allowed the pressure of Hollywood khổng lồ affect their friendship. People reported that when the two first met during the arduous auditioning process, it was for the TV series Parenthood, in which Di
Caprio landed the lead role & Maguire had a couple of lines on the one-season series. According khổng lồ Pop
, Maguire lost out on two other roles to Di
Caprio, one in Critters 3 & the other in This Boy"s Life. Going after the same roles và often being bested by Di
Caprio has apparently never damaged their friendship, nor did it prevent them from becoming as close as they are. Maguire told People: "Leo and I have a lot of trust and respect for each other. We have a close friendship & I definitely have an affection for Leo." 

According lớn an interview with The Associated Press (via The Oklahoman), a key aspect of Di
Caprio and Maguire maintaining a strong relationship in the world of Hollywood is a pact the two made long ago that if one of them got a lead part in a project they were both interested in, the other would help their friend get a supporting role. After Di
Caprio got the lead part opposite Robert De Niro in This Boy"s Life, for example, Maguire appeared in the feature, playing a friend of Di
Caprio"s character. 

Caprio might not be a father himself, but apparently his softer dad side comes out as he plays Uncle Leo lớn Maguire"s kids. According lớn People, Di
Caprio has taken on an uncle role with Maguire"s young children, Ruby và Otis, flexing his father figure muscles. Even though the ladies man doesn"t have any kids of his own, a source told the truyền thông outlet in năm nhâm thìn that Di
Caprio is "a natural" with the kids, including paying them lots of attention, "cutting up their food," và tagging along for "family friendly activities" with Maguire and his wife at the time, Jennifer Meyer. 

According to lớn People"s source, the love affair is two-sided as Maguire"s kids apparently adore Uncle Leo. "They will visit the beach, or grab Sunday brunch. Leo is great with Ruby & Otis," the anonymous source shared, including that Di
Caprio is very hands-on và would make a great dad himself.

According to lớn the Leonardo Di
Caprio Foundation website, the organization supports projects worldwide that "build climate resiliency, protect vulnerable wildlife, and restore balance to threatened ecosystems & communities." The foundation holds an annual gala in St. Tropez, France, featuring auction items that include art, celebrity memorabilia, and travel adventures. 

Maguire is a regular attendee at the event, such as when he came out to tư vấn his friend at the fourth annual gala in 2017, where Kate Winslet also appeared for a Titanic reunion, as reported by People. During the third annual gala in the previous year, Maguire also attended as one of the sự kiện chairs alongside other stars such as Cate Blanchett, Robert De Niro, Penelope Cruz, Jonah Hill, Edward Norton, and Charlize Theron, as reported by Forbes.

Caprio"s foundation and annual gala is not the only charity the duo have supported together. In 2017, Di
Caprio và Maguire were spotted by the Storm Shadow Crew at the Fashion For Relief Fashion Show charity event in tư vấn of Save the Children in Cannes, France. In 2018, Di
Caprio held another charity auction, this time at Jackson Park Ranch in Santa Rosa, California, raising millions more for the environment with, you guessed it, Maguire among more than 300 guests, as reported by Sonoma Magazine.

Despite the Hollywood lifestyle full of yacht parties and lucrative charity events, the old friends say they have an average friendship. Maguire told People that he and Di
Caprio "have a lot of trust và respect for each other," và that they are "like any other buddies." The two chia sẻ plenty of laughter, talks, & have a lot in common, especially their passion for basketball.

The two are known to lớn frequent basketball events, and according khổng lồ Pop
, the duo has attended Lakers games together for years. They also enjoy the occasional dinner date night, such as when they went out to lớn grab a bite lớn eat in West Hollywood with each other"s families including Maguire, his children, his estranged wife Meyer, and Di
Caprio"s parents, as reported by Daily Mail. Of course, the buddies also enjoy hanging out with their mutual famous friends, such as Orlando Bloom, who was spotted grabbing a bite to eat, snacking on some ice cream, và going on a stroll with Di
Caprio và Maguire in thủ đô new york City, as reported by People. Who wouldn"t want lớn spend time around the close-knit friends?