Let"s make 2020 theyear when the bullying scandal is finally laid lớn rest as it shouldhave been over seven years ago and all the hate, abuse and lies stop.

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I don"t hate T-ara andthere has never been any good reason lớn believe the bullying stories.I am very glad that their reputation has been restored but not happywith the way it happened. The popular view that Hwayoung isresponsible for their troubles is wrong. The hate that fans direct ather is the kind of bullying they complained about when T-ara were onthe receiving end, but now that they think she has been “exposed”they feel it"s right to vì chưng the same khổng lồ her. It is not.

This is just a briefintroduction khổng lồ my thoughts on this affair. I have written a thoroughexamination of it, The True Story of the T-ara Bullying Scandal,which is far too long khổng lồ reproduce here. You can read it athttps://t-ara-and-hwayoung.blogspot.com

I think it is thefairest and most truthful trương mục of how the scandal developed thatyou will find. If you want to comment please read that first so thatyou understand my argument.

I am a little worriedabout the reaction to this, not because I will be hated (I"m used tothat) but because I don"t want khổng lồ unleash more extreme hatred againstothers. Some people are angry at Hwayoung because they think she madethem believe she was bullied, or made others believe it, but she didnot. If they find that they agree with my ideas about what reallyhappened the fury may make the hate campaigns against T-ara and
Hwayoung look lượt thích mild criticism, & I don"t want khổng lồ read reportsof lynch mobs. My aim is to defend the innocent, not punish theguilty, and I vì chưng not have absolute proof. Certain people havequestions khổng lồ answer, but they don"t seem to have been asked. They should not beconsidered proven guilty without having a chance lớn defend themselvesand it is not for us to impose justice.

Basic points

1) Without T-ara"stweets that made their dispute with Hwayoung public & increased itsintensity the whole scandal would not have happened.

2) Hwayoung has alwayssaid the bullying rumours were not true, but manyof T-ara"s fans were unaware of that và still are.

3)The stories that were told about Hwayoung và Hyoyoung in
February 2017 tell us nothing about whether T-ara were bullies, butthe reaction of their fans was that “the truth” had “finally”been revealed & the twins were “the bullies.” After years ofinsisting (correctly) that there was no bullying they seemedremarkably fixated on finding bullies. All the truth that was everneeded was revealed in Hwayoung"s statement in August 2012 and in
T-ara"s response the next day. If they had been taken seriously thescandal would have been over in that year and there would no need forme to lớn write this and risk creating mayhem.

4) The stories havenothing to vị with the bullying issue and merely create sympathy for
T-ara by making Hwayoung look bad. The inevitable conclusion of myinvestigation is that they probably also have another purpose, whichis lớn divert attention from the true cause of the problem.

5) The people hating
Hwayoung have accepted the stories from CCM without reservation, butwe need khổng lồ subject them to proper scrutiny. The company had acommercial interest in protecting the image of T-ara, who were theirbiggest earner, and their CEO, Kim Kwang Soo, lied at least twicewhen he fired Hwayoung.

The story offered by
CCM/MBK & the staff, và endlessly repeated and embellished byfans, does not make sense. Here are a few questions which have neverbeen answered by the Hwayoung haters.

1) If Hwayoung was notgenuinely injured why would she want want to miss the concerts at the
Budokan? Why would she go to lớn three hospitals, turn the other membersagainst her & have a miserable time for the entire three days in
Japan? It would have much been easier & far more fun to bởi vì therehearsal và the concerts.

2) Why did the managerwho went khổng lồ the first hospital with Hwayoung report that she would befine for the concerts when he must have known that she thought shewould not? He should have been trying make things run smoothly bypreparing the others for the chance that she would be unable toperform. My very strong suspicion is that he was trying to lớn divide thegroup & force Hwayoung out, và a few days later he got what hewanted.

3) Hwayoung has neversaid anything bad about T-ara but is often accused of destroying themwith her lies. What did she say that was not true?

4) Hwayoungis often accusedof playing the victim, meaning the victim of T-ara"s bullying. Howdoes this fit with her denial that any bullying happened? Don"t giveme complaints about her posting pictures of herself with an táo bị cắn dở orwearing a Marine hat; those are gestures of support. Don"t give methe xe taxi interview as an example; she said nothing about T-ara thatthey had not said themselves and she said she was immature too.

5) Why did theanonymous staff thành viên claim to lớn be unable lớn watch Hwayoung playingthe victim on xe taxi when she did nothing of the sort? It lookssuspicious enough on its own, but revealing the Hyoyoung storywithout consulting Areum while pretending khổng lồ be so concerned abouthow she was treated makes it even more incriminating. Areum was verybadly affected by that và by the reaction against the twins. She hassaid that she was hurt by the staff and that Hwayoung was a friendwho took good care of her.

Part of the answer isthe tendency to interpret people"s words in a way that confirms theway we feel about them. This is very common and may have resulted inthe staff member actually believing to some extent that Hwayoung wasplaying the victim. I strongly suspect that other aspects of themotive were revenge and fear of what Hwayoung might say about thestaff. The aim was to destroy her image so that nobody would want tolisten to her. It was an almost total success, và not mentioning herbad relationship with the staff at first was a very smart ploy whichgave the impression that it was about defending T-ara.

6) Why did that staffmember have a copy of the Kakao Talk conversation between Hyoyoungand Areum? This is purported to lớn be someone who no longer worked forthe company. Was it stolen and kept in readiness for an opportunityto bring Hwayoung down? Was the whole operation really run by MBK? Wedon"t know but it reeks of hypocrisy & deceit.

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The words và actionsof the management và staff seem insincere và self-serving, amasterclass in distraction and blame-shifting which has been verysuccessful so far. In contrast, all the members, including Hwayoung,say virtually the same things and never blame anyone else for the wayit all turned out. They are the people I believe.

Former T-ara member Hwayoung recently appeared on confessional show, ‘Taxi‘ to talk about T-ara. Now, a former staff thành viên is claiming that she’s lying & a former T-ara manager has confirmed the post.

In the latest episode of Taxi, Hwayoung appeared and briefly talked about the alleged bullying that occurred within T-ara members. This was one of the biggest controversies lớn hit a girl group in K-Pop and effectively ruined the group’s reputation within Korea.

At the time the rumors came out, T-ara was enjoying massive success và was considered one of the top girl groups. Immediately afterward, the public shunned T-ara and they’ve yet to lớn recover from the blowback in Korea. The group continues lớn have loyal fans in Japan, china and Internationally.

Hwayoung appeared on the program with her twin sister, Hyoyoung, who was a member of now disbanded group 5dolls.

It’s disappointing. When I think about now, it’s something that could easily happen in a group of women. I only worked as a singer và I didn’t know how lớn behave in everyday life. I cried a lot & shut myself up in my room. I ended up losing a lot of weight .

— Hwayoung

Hyoyoung also spoke out on the show, talking about how affected Hwayoung was during the incident.

“My younger sister Hwayoung would turn on the TV khổng lồ watch Music Shows endlessly with no emotion at all. She would just stare at the TV soulessly. I was still an idol back then and looking at her situation made me want to work harder.”

— Hyoyoung

However, a former staff thành viên is now claiming that Hwayoung & Hyoyoung are completely lying about the entire incident. They posted a tell-all message and leaked chat messages that reveal more khổng lồ the story. 

T-ara’s former Manager has also confirmed these posts to be absolutely true, according to truyền thông reports now emerging.

I watched the sisters crying . Hwayoung said what happened 5 years ago was nothing special. It’s something that could happen easily amongst women? This isn’t something that should have happened.”

— Former T-ara Staff Member

The staff member then went on to lớn say that T-ara was not fully innocent either, but that the girls had far bigger issues. The post goes on lớn leak messages from Hyoyoung to Ahreum, who was the youngest thành viên added khổng lồ T-ara after the incident.

Below is a translation of the leaked chat messages:

Hyoyoung: Ahreum it’s Hyoyoung unnie. Ahreum: Yes unnie hi^^!! Hyoyoung: Ahrem you have to be thankful và say thank you when you’re being taken care of. If you don’t want to get beaten up act right. Word spreads fast in this field. Don’t mouth around và don’t act cheap ^^. I’m extremely angry right now so let’s not run into each other. Hyoyoung: If I’ve misunderstood anything vày you want khổng lồ meet and talk? Or vì chưng you want to apologize now. Ahreum: I don’t know what you’re talking about but I want to lớn meet and talk. I’ve never done anything bad enough to lớn deserve lớn hear such words.

Hyoyoung: Little ones can get lost. Hyoyoung: I’m going lớn beat the dust off you at Music Bank. Hyoyoung: I’m going khổng lồ scratch your face so you can’t go on TV** Hyoyoung: ㅎㅎㅎ Just you wait~^^ Hyoyoung: I’m not going khổng lồ be a singer ㅎ so just wait ^^. Dogs only listen when they take a beating. Hyoyoung: You bitch. Just wait until I catch you. Hyoyoung: Yes just keep~~~snitching.


The staff member goes on khổng lồ discuss Hwayoung’s leg injury from July 2012. The staff thành viên confirms that while Hwayoung did fall, she was released from the hospital with her manager, after doctors said there were no serious issues.

Hwayoung suffered a leg injury while performing on the stage of SBS’ Inkigayo. (July 22, 2012)

However, after she returned trang chủ she went to another hospital and got herself a semi-cast. She would take the cast off when she was inside transport but would ask the manager to help her walk when reporters were around.

The staff reveals in the post, “I thought this was weird và I still don’t understand her actions.”

“I practiced so much lớn show everything I’ve worked for in these concerts, but it’s so unfortunate that I suffered an injury a few days before the concert. I apologize to lớn my members for the injury because they had khổng lồ change the choreography & stage placements because of me.”

— Hwayoung in July 2012

The staff also discusses when T-ARA members left for nhật bản to rehearse for their Japanese concert. She claims that while Hwayoung didn’t participate using her leg injury as an excuse, Hwayoung also told staff she wanted to lớn go out and get her nails done during the rehearsal time.

Hwayoung always demanded that she be allowed to lớn take care of personal tasks and did not work hard at all.

— Anonymous T-ara Staff Member

MBN News reached out khổng lồ a former T-ara Manager who confirmed the story và that the staff member is telling the truth.