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Each year, the Department of nhanluchungvuong.edu.vn conducts a random selection of Diversity Immigrant Visa (DV) applicants, based on allocations of available visas in each region & country, from all registered entries. On or about May 7, 2022, information on the Entrant Status check on the Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) website is updated lớn inform all entrants if their online registration was selected or not. You will need to enter your confirmation number, which you obtained when you filled out your entry form, to kiểm tra your entry status. If you have lost your confirmation number, you will not be able to kiểm tra the status of your entry. We will not be able to resend the confirmation number lớn you. Please note: The Department of nhanluchungvuong.edu.vn will not mail notification letters or notify selectees by email. U.S. Embassies và consulates will not provide a danh mục of selectees. Entrant Status kiểm tra on the E-DV website is the ONLY means by which the Department of nhanluchungvuong.edu.vn notifies selectees of their selection.

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Entrants in the Diversity Visa 2023 program may kiểm tra the status of their entries on theE-DVwebsite from May 7, 2022 through September 30, 2023.


Selected entrants are encouraged to lớn complete the online DS-260 application immediately lớn schedule an interview appointment at the appropriate U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

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If your entry is selected, you will be directed lớn a confirmation page that will provide further instructions, including information on fees connected with immigration lớn the United nhanluchungvuong.edu.vns. Entrant Status check is the ONLY means by which selectees are notified of their selection. The Department of nhanluchungvuong.edu.vn does not mail out notification letters or notify selectees by email, & U.S. Embassies và Consulates will not provide a menu of selectees. Individuals who have not been selected also will be notified ONLY through Entrant Status Check. You are strongly encouraged lớn access Entrant Status check yourself & not to lớn rely on someone else to check and inform you.

See the Frequently Asked Questions at the over of the DV Instructions for further information about the selection process.


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