The new Range Rover thể thao is available khổng lồ order now, with prices starting from £79,125. Read on for all you need lớn know about this luxury SUV.

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New Range Rover thể thao on sale nowSleek new designOverhauled interior technologyPetrol, diesel & PHEV models availableAll-electric version in 2024High-performance SVR also on the cardsPrices start from £79,125

The new Range Rover thể thao has been revealed và is available to lớn order now, with prices starting from £79,125.

This alternative to lớn the BMW X5 và Mercedes GLE is available with a variety of engines, and an all-electric version is in 2024.

New Range Rover thể thao design

Just like with the full-sized Range Rover, the new Range Rover thể thao is a case of evolution rather than revolution when it khổng lồ design. That said, the designers have done enough to lớn bring the oto bang up-to-date.


It’s instantly as a Range Rover, thanks khổng lồ the tall bonnet line và blunt nose. The slim new LED headlights và more aggressive air intakes separate the thể thao from the standard Range Rover.


The side profile is more than the boxy Range Rover thanks to the sloping roofline. Huge 23-inch alloy wheels are available for the Range Rover Sport, as well as two-tone schemes to lớn make your car stand out.


From the rear, the thiết kế is very clean with minimal creases, a bit like the full-fat Range Rover. The LED rear lights are in a black trim strip, no light bars here. There are no fake vents khổng lồ be seen, apart from a diffuser in the lower bumper.

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New Range Rover thể thao interior & infotainment

The interior of the new Range Rover sport is a huge step up from the previous car, taking clear inspiration from the full-sized Range Rover.


A 13.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system dominates the dashboard, however you’ll be pleased to lớn see some physical climate situated beneath. There’s a floating centre with storage underneath, as well as some ambient lighting all around.

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Check out this video of the full-sized Range Rover to see what the new Sport mã sản phẩm has to lớn live up to…

The two-tone dashboard is separated by a shiny metal trim strip the air vents, and the materials used look as premium as they, with lashings of leather & solid metal.


As for technology, in addition to lớn the huge touchscreen you also get a digital drivers display & Amazon Alexa integration, which can be used khổng lồ functions on the oto using voice Go for the rear seat entertainment package, and you get two more 11.4-inch screens in the rear.

New Range Rover thể thao engines và driving

The new Range Rover thể thao is available with a choice of petrol, diesel & plug-in hybrid engines. An all-electric version is also on the cards, however this isn’t expected to lớn debut until 2024.


The plug-in hybrid gets a 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine paired with a 32kWh battery pack. You can either have 440hp in the P440e or 510hp from the P510e, & both will bởi a claimed 70 miles on electric power alone. SUVs on

Two diesel options are available, both 3.0-litre straight-sixes và both with mild hybrid assistance. You can choose between the D300 & and D350, with 300hp và 350hp respectively.


As for petrol engines, you can either have a mild-hybrid six-cylinder with 400hp, or a 4.4-litre twin-turbocharged V8 with 530hp. A high-performance SVR version will also at a later date. luxury cars on

All versions of the Range Rover sport with all-wheel-drive as standard and an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

New Range Rover sport price & specs

The new Range Rover sport is available to lớn order now, with deliveries expected to lớn start by the Autumn.


As for price, the new Range Rover sport starts from £79,125 for the 300hp diesel model, climbing to almost £115,000 if you want the range topping V8 model.

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